Yeah, Yeah, you heard it right. I am pregnant!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Isn’t it a happy news? But where is my pot belly? Doubting me? This will be the hardest fact for my fans 😂😄 Okay fine, cool down. I do have pot-belly but that is just fat. So the fact is, I AM PREGNANT IN MY MIND/HEART AND I AM EAGERLY WAITING TO SEE THE NEWBORNS 🙂  I haven’t gone mad by being inside these four walls for past 36 hours. I can promise you that.  Far away from me, across the ocean! There is a distance of 2027 kilometers between me and my newborns this time.  Let me break the suspense.

Few months back, I was told about a pigeon living in the balcony of a building where my beloved stays. Yesterday I was told about an egg laid by the pigeon and today I was sent a pic of two eggs. I was told about them and I haven’t seen the mother yet. It such hot climate outside there, such a desert like place with only buildings instead of trees (it isn’t easy to find trees in the middle east countries). Most of the daytime, there is wind blowing with loads of sand. Help also can’t be offered since she might abandon the eggs if any human smell got near the eggs. I really wonder at creative adaptations of survival of these birds and animals at such harsh environment. I am waiting for the peaceful birth of them 🙂

24ac3436deb793766048a1e96f16f553I hope I didn’t irritate any of my readers with twisting between my title of the post and its content. For criticism,  I will state it simple- I just wrote about two eggs laid by a pigeon and she is unseen for me 😄😄😄😄 This is the original pic. We are waiting for them to hatch 🙂  


 PS: I was told to attempt writing about this pic 🙂 I could not get any much elements of fiction. I just tried to exaggerate about the fact before sharing the original pic. The moment I thought about writing this, this title popped into my mind and I didn’t want to change it for any reason. I hope I have done  an okay job in my attempt about my longing to see them.

I THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME BOOSTER DOSES TO KEEP ME ON IN WRITING TRACK 🙂 🙂 🙂 You stay invisible, read every post and every comment, express your views personally, don’t express any comments/likes in WordPress but constantly supporting me 🙂 I express my deep gratitude PP.

(PP– പ്രിയ പ്രാണനാഥൻ   😂😄)


About elaine ecosmith

Dreaming to be a marine conservation biologist. Hold passion for books and to write on random sparks which could result in essay, poetry or fiction. Love movies and music. I believe in finding peace with oneself and always have gratitude for all what you have got 😊☺️

113 responses to “I AM PREGNANT!!!

  1. Well suspense broken 😂 😄

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  2. Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

    Yep 👍.. you got me..
    but baby pigeons is a nice addition to your family.,

    Thanks.. I find it very humorous.. smiling tons 😁😁😁

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  3. Hi nice meeting you, just make initial contact from Roberta’s invitation. I’ll come back to visit. Here’s my blog:


  4. Sonali@foodtravelandmakeup

    Great post …title almost surprised me…..😄

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  5. hahaha(laughing my heart out)… PP-yum kollam AK-yum kollam. nice eone

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  6. Kuttimama!!! Nja Njettii mama!! 😀 only Elaine could come up with this 🙂

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  7. so suspense is out in the open….. interesting post…..

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  8. Simple and an interesting way of putting across. I loved your pics too.

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  9. amminikkutti kollallo..;)

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  10. Wow! I actually can congratulate you on this different way of getting pregnant! Life is life in its each form!
    Bravo! Loved it totally and enjoyed the suspense too…keep writing more of such things 🙂

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  11. sherinsk

    can i put a song here?

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  12. sherinsk

    P-yo,entha kavi udeshichadu?

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  13. sherinsk

    Athirikkatte ippol mumbayil analle?when compared to keralam,how is mumbais life?
    ee andheri okke ulladano?

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  14. sherinsk

    Bloggingnte idayil padikkan marakanda 🙂 All the best for your studies.

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  15. skd

    Congratulations Elaine and your PP! 😉

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  16. sherinsk

    Doctore nammude kadalile jeevajalasambath kurayuvanenkil adu thirike konduvaran oru oceanographerkku pattumo?
    Engane anu oceanographiyil elaine interest vannadu?oru different meghala,good 🙂
    njan pottatharam anu chodikunnadenkil kshamichere 🙂

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  17. sherinsk

    Elaine in which subject you are doing your phd,Biology?

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  18. sherinsk

    ok within marine science comes oceanography right?

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  19. sherinsk

    I believe the reason you chose oceanography is because you were fascinated by the world inside seas and oceans from your childhood 🙂

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  20. Congrats! I talk about the journey of pregnancy over at my blog. Would love to hear from you: http://www.thepregnantlifeblog.wordpress.com xoxo!

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  21. I read it somewhere that catchy titles will increase the chances of people clicking ur post and reading it by 100% and you just proved it.
    1000 likes for your title and I must appreciate your creativity in writing a post about a picture of 2 eggs.
    This is what differentiates a writer from the rest – view point.


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