Yeah, Yeah, you heard it right. I am pregnant!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Isn’t it a happy news? But where is my pot belly? Doubting me? This will be the hardest fact for my fans 😂😄 Okay fine, cool down. I do have pot-belly but that is just fat. So the fact is, I AM PREGNANT IN MY MIND/HEART AND I AM EAGERLY WAITING TO SEE THE NEWBORNS 🙂  I haven’t gone mad by being inside these four walls for past 36 hours. I can promise you that.  Far away from me, across the ocean! There is a distance of 2027 kilometers between me and my newborns this time.  Let me break the suspense.

Few months back, I was told about a pigeon living in the balcony of a building where my beloved stays. Yesterday I was told about an egg laid by the pigeon and today I was sent a pic of two eggs. I was told about them and I haven’t seen the mother yet. It such hot climate outside there, such a desert like place with only buildings instead of trees (it isn’t easy to find trees in the middle east countries). Most of the daytime, there is wind blowing with loads of sand. Help also can’t be offered since she might abandon the eggs if any human smell got near the eggs. I really wonder at creative adaptations of survival of these birds and animals at such harsh environment. I am waiting for the peaceful birth of them 🙂

24ac3436deb793766048a1e96f16f553I hope I didn’t irritate any of my readers with twisting between my title of the post and its content. For criticism,  I will state it simple- I just wrote about two eggs laid by a pigeon and she is unseen for me 😄😄😄😄 This is the original pic. We are waiting for them to hatch 🙂  


 PS: I was told to attempt writing about this pic 🙂 I could not get any much elements of fiction. I just tried to exaggerate about the fact before sharing the original pic. The moment I thought about writing this, this title popped into my mind and I didn’t want to change it for any reason. I hope I have done  an okay job in my attempt about my longing to see them.

I THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME BOOSTER DOSES TO KEEP ME ON IN WRITING TRACK 🙂 🙂 🙂 You stay invisible, read every post and every comment, express your views personally, don’t express any comments/likes in WordPress but constantly supporting me 🙂 I express my deep gratitude PP.

(PP– പ്രിയ പ്രാണനാഥൻ   😂😄)


113 thoughts on “I AM PREGNANT!!!”

      1. Not at all….. You were simply you…. So very beautifully written words…. Just be you and never be bothered about what others think…. If they can they will understand that a beautiful sweet lovely Soul is speaking out from deep heart…. Or just let them go. Keep smiling and keep writing.

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    1. Thanks Nita 🙂 We have 7 white & brown pigeons at my home and i get to hear their nesting, new hatchlings, eating from our dogs food share, waiting for mom to give food when she gets back from outside etc etc 🙂

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      1. yes yes….Its really nice to see them. fav past time yet responsibility for my mom since she is the home maker and we stay out of town. Saddest part is to hear her sometimes when the new hatchlings doesn’t survive.

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      1. എവിടെ …. ഞാൻ ഈ മുംബൈ മഹാനഗരത്തിലെ ഒരു ചെറിയ കെട്ടിടത്തിലെ ഇടത്തരം മുറിയിൽ അടയിരിക്കുവാ….പുറത്തോട്ടു പോലും ഇറങ്ങിയിട്ടില്ല ….

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      2. ഉഴപ്പുണ്ട് …. സമയവിനിയോഗം തീരെ പോരാ … ഏതേലും ഒരു കാര്യം interesting ആയി കണ്ടാൽ അതിനു പിറകെ പോകും ഞാൻ 😦

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      3. angane specific aayi decide cheythittilla…i want to do post doc. but eppo engane ennu onnum ariyilla. Most of the good things/ blessings/life changing steps happened at the last critical moment in my life. Always saved from crash landings 😀 Ippo wishing to settle things as soon as possible with PP 🙂

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      4. pinne naattil scope kuravaanu, very few institutes, politics etc etc… ini teaching il kayyu vaychaalo ennu vicharichaal athilum 8nte pani aanu…
        graduation in BOtany Biotechnology, Masters Marine Biology, PhD in Marine Science. Lectureship qualification in Life Science, Environmental Science and Earth Science. But naatil enne pole kazhivulla thala thirinjja aalukale edukkum ennu ottum pratheekshayillaa :p (variation in degree subjects could be a problem for lectureship post)


      5. ellaarum karayil alley…varietyku oru challenge okke vendey…i wish to implement more conservation work (devoid of political interference in our country), we have a wealthy marine system 🙂

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      6. hahaha…liked the “varietikku irikkatte” thought process! kollamallo iyaal! actually, as part of our joli, we have studied a lot about the importance of the oceans. but unfortunately, the immense wealth is neither understood/appreciated nor tapped/conserved! cheers, AK

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      7. not many support females to enter this field in our country, those who have come are really taken challenge of questioning the entire society’s routine hypocrisy.There will be a strong support from their family too, to support their daughter to come this far. Blessed are them. We are trying to understand more about the quantum of wealth which we have, but the herculean task is to get the laws/ quarantine measures to be implemented without being blocked by the ignorant/stubborn heads sitting on the hierarchy (we find wisdom/ education qualifications decreases from the persons who suggest the measures towards the person on top whose signature is needed for making it law). പിന്നെ എന്നേലും നമ്മള് ഇതൊക്കെ പേടിച്ചു എല്ലാരേയും പറഞ്ഞു convince ചെയ്തു
        കടൽ സമ്പത്തു സംരക്ഷിക്കണം നന്നായി വിനിയോഗിക്കണം എന്നൊക്കെ പറഞ്ഞു വരുമ്പോഴേക്കും തലയിൽ മൂലയുള്ള ആണ്പിള്ളേര് അതൊക്കെ കൊണ്ട് പോയിട്ടു ഉണ്ടാകും….ബാക്കി വല്ലതും വച്ചിരുന്നാൽ കടൽ എങ്കിലും ജീവനോടെ ഉണ്ടാകും .


      8. 1. blessed you are – that is right!
        2. so true, the decision makers are often, unfortunately ill equipped/under-qualified/downright callous/have vested interests!
        3. liked the passion with which you are pursuing this field, and that alone will hold you in good stead and take you places.
        4. hmmmm..your apprehension in the last sentences – well, things can only improve, for the situation is pathetic as of now, at least in our context!
        5. pinne ithinidakkku paavam neelambariye vidaruthu-that is your natural talent.
        …enganundu saaropadesham??

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      9. saropadesham nannaayi…bore adippichilla… oru vegetative life il thalparyam illaa… enne kondu pattunnathu endhenggilum even a tiny step i will/should do before i die to save the earth.
        literature vittu oru kaliyillaa….veettil poyaal ente thaazheyulla cheruthunggalkku kadha vaayichu kodukkum. vayana veetil moonnu perkku kittiyittundu, ezhuthu ente aniyathikkum undu, rebels janikkatte.
        (pavam PP is trying to find space for my books :p )

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    1. ഹിഹി ….അതെ… ഈ ഞെട്ടൽ ആണ് എനിക്ക് വേണ്ടിയിരുന്നേ….നന്ദിയുണ്ട് … തൃപ്തിയായി…മനസ്സ് നിറഞ്ഞു 🙂


      1. ബഷീറിന്റെ ഭാഷയിൽ പറഞ്ഞാൽ ഇമ്മിണി വലിയ വട്ട്… 🙂
        ഇല്ലേൽ പിന്നെ എന്തു ഹലാക്കിലെ സുഖമായ കിട്ടുക?

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      2. ബഷീറിന്റെ കഥ ഉറക്കെ വായിച്ചു കൊടുത്തിട്ടുണ്ടോ എപ്പോഴേലും ….. നല്ല രസമാ…. പാത്തുമ്മയുടെ ആട് , ജന്മദിനം, വിശപ്പ്, പ്രേമലേഖനം. അതൊക്കെ വായിക്കാൻ നല്ല ത്രില്ല് അല്ലെ 🙂


  1. Doctore nammude kadalile jeevajalasambath kurayuvanenkil adu thirike konduvaran oru oceanographerkku pattumo?
    Engane anu oceanographiyil elaine interest vannadu?oru different meghala,good 🙂
    njan pottatharam anu chodikunnadenkil kshamichere 🙂

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  2. I read it somewhere that catchy titles will increase the chances of people clicking ur post and reading it by 100% and you just proved it.
    1000 likes for your title and I must appreciate your creativity in writing a post about a picture of 2 eggs.
    This is what differentiates a writer from the rest – view point.


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