how can i not write about beach?

Daily Post Prompt: Beach


I have seen the word tags of daily post prompts from past few days and thought of attempting it. I guess today i got the right word to begin with : BEACH…                                                                          

How can i not write about it when i hold so many reasons?                                                                              The first ever memory of being in a beach was etched in my memory when i belonged to fourth grade.  We had gone for the one day school trip to Kovalam Beach (a beach town by the Arabian Sea in  of India). During my schooling i might have been to beach very few times and once i visited Kanyakumari Beach at the southern most tip of peninsular India which has lots of archaeological and beautiful mythological history.

Thiruvalluvar statue & Vivekanda Rock Memorial

With time and tide i had been realizing about my dream- to be an Oceanographer!  Here i am now slowly climbing my steps to be one. Serendipity lemme chose my master degree in Marine Biology from one of the top most Marine Science University in my country 🙂

Visit to the Lakshadweep Archipelago for 10 days (as part of study tour) made us live whole time in those small island beaches. The hyper curiosity of seeing blue bio luminescence along the wave washed shores at night. We were experiencing a new world beyond our text books ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Bio luminescence

Sitting sadly along the beach when my classmates went and came back after SCUBA diving and snorkeling. The pride acting attempt to say that  i am an inter-tidal (beach side) research  specialist :p. Hours i spent in collecting the minute shells from the sandy beaches of Lakshadweep and excitement of finding the strangely beautiful jelly fish life stage, trails of turtles, glass boat view of coral reefs.Extreme rage towards mankind for finding plastic waste along the beautiful islands 😦 😦 😦 Walking and crossing the shallow tidal lands between the uninhabited Parali islands along with eels and ray fishes is beyond explainable.

Low tide walking path between Parali I & II islands near Bangaram island

With hard work and patience i could enter into research field and now i am part of the reputed research lab: CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography. The enthusiasm in being a part of the marine research community to solve the mystery of massive mighty ocean has kept me going on, no matter how much huddles come across my path.  

In last 6 years i am living and working nearby the beach side. I had the bliss to see the different faces of ocean which reflected on the near by beaches. The place were i live is surrounded by beaches.  

recent pic from beach walk @Goa

Time spent during Sunsets and Sunrise have been so amazing. Having the fun time at the cliff at evenings in the midst of busy working schedules. Walking alone in the beach in peace with the self, reading book or listening to favorite music, shopping at beach side markets, new year partying or watching the people from different levels of occupation/place all added glimpses to my memories… Having the lonely time at beach or self learning swimming on Saturday evening has all kept my memories of beach alive and fresh. The moments of ups and downs always took me to stand on the beach and raise questions to myself. By the time i leave the sea side, i will be  having answers or resolutions to move ahead in life with courage!
This space isn’t gonna be enough to pen down my memories if all of them are recollected related to beach. In a glimpse of time, i had rush of all these thoughts i mentioned. As a research student my encounter/experiences doesn’t end here. It will go on piling up with each day of my journey as an OCEANOGRAPHER.                                                                                                                                                          I don’t know how many will read this post. Even if no one sees still i feel, i can’t stop this post without saying a word to protect our oceans.