For JO & all Tea Lovers

I am too prone to have my blog posts based on random thoughts. This is yet another one. This is dedicated for my blog friend Josh (whom
I call JO)…and also for all the people who love TEA. Do visit JO’s blog Chai & Biscuits I have read mostly his fiction works and many have tea, as an element 🙂 You will find wide variety of topics well handled by him 🙂
I am not too specific in my likeness towards tea and coffee, yeah I do prefer both without milk. Either one of them can wonderfully complement with a book of current reading. It is always a stress buster time with it. The flavors and aromas truly inspire the thoughts of many. From a short span of time, I came to know that my friend too loves tea. Today my accidental surfing caught me a handful of beautiful pics all related to tea. Each one of them is noticeable either for the beauty of art, talent of photography, wit of quotes etc. This made me think of dedicating a picturesque just for the TEA LOVERS.


Shades of Tea


Last but not the least ,  

DO SPARE TIME TO VISIT JO’s BLOG 🙂 Also I would be happy if you could answer me one question: “WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A CUP OF TEA or COFFEE? 😉 ♥♥♥♥
Lemme know what are your thoughts about tea/coffee. 

PS for my friends: JO hasn’t bribed me yet to write in support of his blog.
PS for JO: Now you can bribe me with a cup of tea 🙂 😀
All the pics adopted from Pinterest.


About elaine ecosmith

Dreaming to be a marine conservation biologist. Hold passion for books and to write on random sparks which could result in essay, poetry or fiction. Love movies and music. I believe in finding peace with oneself and always have gratitude for all what you have got 😊☺️

52 responses to “For JO & all Tea Lovers

  1. I am a tea fan too! I loved your compilation of tea pictures. All of them are so tea-rrific 😁😁

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  2. Always a pleasure Elaine😊💚

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  3. Once again, I like your pictures.
    I prefer tea to cofee.

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  4. Woooooooooooooooooww ! Elaine what a pleasant surprise !! ❤ overwhelmed by such a sweet and kind gesture 🙂 Yup Tea oru weakness aanu saare 😛 sure.. i will prepare and serve Josh's special tea, oru adipoli Sulaimaani 🙂 and yeah thanks a ton for the recommendation of my page to the fellow blogger 🙂 Seriously am so much honored to get featured in you blog post.. still thrilled and surprised.. entte kuttide nalla manasilnu ella nanmagalum bhavikatte 🙂

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  5. I love days when my only problem is choosing between tea or coffee, too.!!!!

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  6. I am a big fan of tea. That combination of tea cup reminds me hotel cafeteria after the break 😄😂 choice in strength of the tea, determines the character of a person.😅. By the by photos are amazing.


  7. I love tea too 🙂 Thank you, it is so nice to meet with you. Love, nia


  8. Beautiful! I love tea and i love your pictures!

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  9. Simply marvellous compilations of your tea and its presentation. Who wouldn’t like a cup of tea Elaine. You write superbly.👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  10. excellent compliation Ak…cheers to Josh and chai!

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  11. i love both tea and coffee…no partiality..;)

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  12. #Tea lovers love this post and love your blog so much

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  13. Great post! Tea is delicious and evokes all kinds of good feels! 🙂

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  14. Shru

    Really wonderful..lovely write up.. i would like to nominate you for the “The Black cat , Blue sea Award”for bloggers..feel free to check my recent post for the same..


  15. KLIKQQ

    Nice post like it 🙂 ❤
    i like your article somuch ..
    thanks for share it ..
    Come , Visit And Review My Article My Friend 🙂


  16. I love this! Thanks! I’m actually drinking a cup of tea right now. 🙂

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  17. KLIKQQ

    Nice Share and Nice Post ..
    ❤ ❤ LOVE it ❤ ❤
    Come and visit my blog ..

    Thanks u

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