Crazy Curiosity!


We all love reading, either book of different genre, magazines, newspapers, blogs (soft copy/hard copy) etc etc…thus there are many mediums for continuing our habit of reading. Today I would like to ask my dear friends about sharing one such book which they have read the most number of times so far…Would you recommend that book to your friends? If so why? Since I am asking question,  I am also supposed to answer my own question for my friends.
Here is my answer:
I have to admit that the highest score for a repeated book reading in my life goes to TWILIGHT part 1. I know my answer is the topmost SPOILER for any pseudo intellect image if i ever held in front of you guys 🙂 But this is the truth.
I have read it 22 times and rest 3 books in the series minimum 4 times.  I don’t mind admitting the fact that this book might not stand anywhere near any of the classic book lovers passion for reading any Jane Austen or Dickens work. I totally agree with your tastes.
But I read the book for its maximum time during 2008-2010 and the 22nd time in 2015 if my memory is right. I happen to get this book from street shop which sold pirated books on my way back to university from home. It was just 100 rupees.
Since I don’t have the habit of reading any book immediately after having them, this book too had to wait few more weeks before I began. I was at the age of 22 and obviously the age matters the thought processes & imaginations (you know what I meant 🙂 ). This resulted in reading the book several times and recommending it for many of the same age group. My addiction to this book put me in such a situation where my friends had to literally hide the book, especially during exam times. I had almost by hearted the statements from it (I was damn blindly crazy about it ).
After the realization of this book being part of the series, I was counting days for the release of second one and this continued till the last one. I was lucky for getting the original books, gifted by my elder brother 🙂 In between the movie was released but as usual it was a major disappointment (for any book lovers to watch the adaptation on screen). One thing I really liked about the movie is the song “A Thousand years” sang by Christiana Perri. This is one of my all-time favorite songs. 
By the time I decided to have my 22nd reading the first pirated copy  of twilight had become the most endangered book in my whole collection and over the years my thought processes also changed. I became  curious why I read a paranormal fiction for those many times. I read it once again and didn’t get that much enthusiasm, but I had to accept that this one book had the ability to make the adolescent soul of mine — to continue reading 🙂
Without images, none of my posts seem complete for me, here I am adding some of the fun filled images related to TWILIGHT…

If you haven’t tried this series, you can give a blind try. I can’t assure that this will be liked by all but it is fun to try some books deliberately even when we know that our reading genre is bit more intellect than this 🙂 Friends, do let me know answers for my questions and help me deal with my curiosity 🙂
Wish you all a very good day and dedicating this beautiful song for all my dear friends
A THOUSAND YEARS…  (I hope this song will definitely add some sparkles of love in everyones heart)




About elaine ecosmith

Dreaming to be a marine conservation biologist. Hold passion for books and to write on random sparks which could result in essay, poetry or fiction. Love movies and music. I believe in finding peace with oneself and always have gratitude for all what you have got 😊☺️

56 responses to “Crazy Curiosity!

  1. Well, this is something which i can’t do.. respect to that Elaine, for me time is money so we have to invest wisely, i prefer read 25 different books rather than investing that time on the same book for 25 times 🙂 because you know, the world is full of books and our lifetime is not enough to cover 1% of them. So, this is a complete weird thought for me, anyways, enjoy what you do, at the end that’s what really matter, i guess 🙂 Happy Noon 🙂

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    • i do agree with u Jo. But this happened several years ago…annu thalayil budhiyurachu thudanggiyittillaa… But there are certain books which give us different perspectives when we read them again with a certain time gap eg: Alchemist (someone told this from their experience)

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      • Everyone is right from their perspective, i respect that! I feel Alchemist a bit overrated if we compare it with this other book called ‘The Zahir’ its my view okay, it may not be true. Same book gives different perspective to different people, i might conceive the concept in a different perspective compared to others. Like the saying goes as a tourist we should not visit a place twice again and again instead explore new possibilities, it suits for reading in my case. and let me share a secret, i am scared of vampires 😛

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      • 🙂 u made me think of comparing Zahir with Alchemist. There is significant different in the concept and suggesting a unique acceptance method for the relationships. About the change in perspectives: i meant the thought processes changing with age. Yes, we could read more books than reading the same again. But some places do have the magnetic property to attract us… making us visit again.:)
        😀 good to know that u r sacred of something :p


  2. And Elaine i was not trying to spoil your post with my views okay, and its great to know that people can do that stuffs which i dare to know 🙂 Am actually scared of many things, i dont want to trade my secrets 😀

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  3. hi dear.. why dont you try a post on that difference in thought process after multi reading the twilight..

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  4. I love the book😍, though I haven’t read it as many times as you have, and I also love the song by Christina Perry.
    And again, your images never fail to amuse me😊

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  5. TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer. Right. I didn’t read. Yes i did read A book MANY TIMES IN MY LIFE. . Sometimes part of the book, sometimes few pages. i normally chase around. I am not systematic. But i like this book, because the main character is very systematic. predict future of world politics, strict to his routine, very adamant, set high standards in English writing and curiously Womanizer. Normal prize winner. I read his biography of few times. Book is Sir vida’s shadow by Paul therox and the Man in question is v S nAIPAUL. . Thanks for the blog. let me read again that book. My memory is poor.

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    • Thanks Binu 🙂 for ur wonderful suggestions…
      I have evolved after trying so many paranormal fiction and have become more specific to “Historical Paranormal Genre” which seemed more interesting to me since few authors are so blessed in excellent infusing of the historical elements into fiction. One such book is All Life Trilogy by Deborah Harkness (I had suggested to this to a senior friend, even she liked it. in this Shakespeare and many authors of his time are brought into novel plot) and another one is The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.


  6. “I have read it 22 times and rest 3 books in the series minimum 4 times”…hmmm kollam sakhave
    even i was like that (once upon a time)… even now i read a couple of books a few times, first time as fast as possible, and the next occasions, at leisure! have not read the twilight series, though!

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  7. Well, I too have a few books I have read multiple times, and the ones that came to my mind immediately after reading this was, Harry Potter series, Sherlock Holmes, Works by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. I think these are the ones I read the most and I still love to read them over and over again. Not immediately again after the previous read though. It was the time I was learning English when I started with the potter books, so I had to read a few times to understand.(I had finished Sherlock in Malayalam already and hadn’t started with English ones then) Most of the classics I have read at least twice once in Malayalam and then English. That’s how I learned English. Sherlock also took multiple reads to understand as it was the immediate next of HP. And Sultan books, I just love them. The language, slang, sarcasm! There’s no one else who can beat him in all these.
    I have read the twilight series too, but I din like it at all. I’m sorry if that was offending, but I kind of disliked it and finished only because I don’t leave any book half read. I’m happy that I din buy it. 😀 one of the things I hated it was, it kind of says a huge amount of money and infinite time to live can be a happy ending. For me that’s a terrible ending, as I don’t want to live forever. And the way it is narrated, I got a strong feeling that the lead female was after money than love. She keeps on describing how rich the Cullens are and what all they own. well, we all have our own tastes. Sorry if you felt bad on my bashing. I like vampires though. They’re really hot according to almost every fandom. And I liked vampire diaries better, I still gotta catch up with the last few seasons. In this one, even though they are almost immortal, they have an interesting life with so much happening.

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    • haha..thanks a tone for give me such a detailed comment. I am never bothered by ur comment at all regarding the twiligh. In fact i didnt mention about Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s books since that stories i read every now and then. I read them aloud for my cousins several times. Sherlock Holmes I have attempted but due to confusion with english version, i decided to read malayalam first and then deal with english version. I tried HP series once and it was good reading them 🙂 No worries about any critic comments 🙂

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    • Potter Head!! 😛 I respect the author JKR for the struggle she had gone through and creating her own fan base. But the fact is i have never tried any of her HP series, my personal favorite, in that genre goes to ❤ LOTR!! ❤

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      • 🙂 I still remember how much i struggled to finish the 6th or 7th book of HP during my 6th semester of graduation that too during the class, being a back bencher was always a plus point. Also i carried that thick book with rest of my record books and texts and traveled nearly one hour everyday to college. My next seated friend had already finished reading it but never broke the suspense whenever i raised my curiosity :p


      • Oh You too.. I appreciate that.. but for me its like not my cup of “COFFEE” 😀 Happy morning Elaine 🙂

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      • LOTR is in my reading list, don’t know when but surely I will try them. Its really good to see how an author creates an entire world of illusion 🙂
        Good morning Jo 🙂
        Right now i finished one malayalam novel and started with Anita Nair’s The Better Man (The catcher of Rye is also ongoing) 🙂


      • Oh my Oh! Now that’s something called ‘READING’ envy you 🙂

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      • 🙂 Tell me one thing do u take a break between two books? or r u particular in selecting a same genre book (tough/complicated) right after finishing similar book? Or do u prefer a lighter book?


      • I prefer reading fiction and non-fictions, am i have a soft corner for historical thrillers. i just read them all, i don’t know how i select them, i always felt that the book selects me, you know, when the time is right it get to me, the soul of the book 🙂 and i just pick it from there 🙂 How about you ? 🙂

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      • I have to again say to u Jo “Same pinch” 🙂 🙂 🙂
        I buy books randomly or intentionally based on the reviews, awards/nominations. But mostly, I don’t even touch them once its in my shelf. There comes a time when i see any book from my collection an unusual feeling pops out and tell me “its time to read me”:) That is the perfect moment I start with the book. I too deal with fiction (children/adult) /non fiction(spiritual, travelogues, biography, memories, books on movies or by directors, music, art etc). But if i have read a heavy/complex book, i start reading back to back (to keep the habit intact) any kid’s literature (it can be even meant for age 3-6yrs :p ) and then after enough buffering/got rid of hangover, I will begin the new one 🙂


      • Haha! Great to know about the reading habits of yours. as i said i do read everything and watch cartoons too 😛

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      • I am not away from cartoons either 😀


      • Haha! Cheers 🙂

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  8. I have read all the books, have the pirated version of the two of them, and the only book I feel reading, just a chapter now and then, is Twilight Part 1. It has different adolescent feelings which feel good to connect to. But I prefer “Midnight Sun”, an incomplete draft of the same story plot of Part 1 written from Edward’s point of view. That is much much better than reading about Bella’s thousands of insecurities, feelings of infatuation and worthlessness.

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  9. Wow!! 22 times!! Seriously?? The only book which I read more than thrice is ‘ The Alchemist’ . . I am glad to know to know that you have read that book this many times. Edward Cullen looks so sweet. The pictures are awesome haha. .

    Have a great time, Elaine 🙂


  10. Hi Elaine. I nominated you for the three day, three quotes Challenge. Do check my post to see how to go about it


  11. Interesting. I haven’t read the Twilight series yet. But I think I like Bella, having seen her in the movie version. I know movies rarely do justice to books (there are exceptions, of course) but hopefully some day I will read the entire Twilight series. Well written. Keep writing, Elaine!

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  12. I have never read the twilight series before. But that is a series that’s on my list read. Right now I have so many other series that i’m reading. The twilight series must be really good if you read it 22 times 🙂 Right now My favorite series is the Black Daggar Brotherhood By Jr. ward.

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